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Final product perfect
Great product and thanks for remaining helpful in updates to perfect it.
Belinda da Costa
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Quick and problem free
The turn around was quick and results were just what we required.
Jonathan Sheffield
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So much personal time wasted trying to smarten up my jpg logo, but Koen was there for me. I thought it would be a simple job to sharpen up and change the colour of my jpg logo, but I was clearly working well outside of my skill set...
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TOP for everything! I would definitely give 5 STAR+ . Very very good and professional!

Convert JPG to EPS / PDF / vector logo

The main reason for converting a JPG to EPS file

is because a JPG file consists of pixels and an EPS file consists of vector. When enlarging such a pixel or raster file, you will notice that the quality of the image decreases. This is because new pixels (square blocks) are added. If you enlarge the image extremely, you will even see these pixels in your file. An EPS file has the advantage that it supports this vector. Vector files can be enlarged indefinitely without loss of quality. A vector file is composed of simple objects, such as lines, points and planes. A combination of these basic shapes gives you a more complex whole, such as a logo or an illustration. If you enlarge these surfaces, they will keep their original shape, you are not dealing with resolution (pixels).
With these programs you can convert a JPG to vector / EPS: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape. For this you need knowledge of these graphic programs.

Do you want to see the process of converting? Watch this video.

Below an image that shows the difference between JPG and EPS, or PIXEL (raster) and VECTOR.
Convert from JPG to EPS

JPG image

Convert from JPG to EPS

EPS / Vector image

Another important advantage

converting from JPG to vector is that an EPS file can contain more information about the color of the logo than a JPG file. It can contain PANTONE (PMS) colors, but also CMYK or RGB. Your printer is very happy with PMS colours, because they can guarantee the exact colour as it appears in the colour chart. This does depend on the printing process. If, for example, the logo is embroidered, the specialist will look for a similar colour thread for this Pantone colour.

Would you like to use your logo for a car lettering?

then vector also has the advantage of containing lines. These lines can be used as cutting lines to cut out your logo nicely and then stick it on your car.

These are the 3 main reasons why we convert JPG to EPS. If there are any unanswered questions, take a look here: Frequently asked questions. Or contact us via phone or mail.

Video: Convert JPG to EPS file

In this shortened video you can see how a JPG / pixel logo is converted to an EPS / vector file in Adobe Illustrator. The jpg logo is placed and then rebuilt with the pen tool and basic shapes. After converting the correct font into outlines and the correct colors and gradients are applied. The logo can now be exported to various vector file formats, such as EPS, PDF and SVG.

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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

What’s the difference between PDF and EPS?

EPS files are mainly used for logos and illustrations in vector. The abbreviation stands for Encapsulated Postscript. EPS also supports raster images… Read more >

What is an eps file?

An EPS file is a document made up of surfaces and/or lines. These surfaces can be enlarged and reduced without them changing. This means that if you have a vector logo… Read more >

With which programme can I open/edit the EPS file?

There are several programmes to open the EPS file. We use Adobe Illustrator to create the file. Unfortunately, this isn’t a free programme. It can be opened with… Read more >