How we create your logo to vector

A logo is often saved as a JPG file. The disadvantage of a JPG file is that it is not suitable for e.g. printing, stickering or embroidery. The JPG file cannot be enlarged without seriously reducing the quality. That’s the main reason why we convert your logo to vector.

When you enlarge or zoom in on a JPG file, pixels become visible, colors blend into each other and edges are not sharp. This is not only true for logos saved as JPG files, but also for PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF files. These files are also called raster files.

We will convert your logo to vector. Read the text below how we proceed or watch the instruction video of the vectorization.

What does Vectorpoint do?

We make sure that the disadvantages of the JPG file are solved, by making the logo in vector using Adobe Illustrator. First we place the JPG logo in Illustrator. Next, we use the pen tool to trace the logo manually and use a combination of geometric shapes to recreate the logo exactly in vector. We look for the right fonts and place them in the file. If the fonts cannot be traced, we also recreate them in vector. As a final step, we color the logo like your example. We can also recreate gradients. We deliver your logo as an EPS file and a PDF file.

Printers often ask for an EPS file, which for example can be opened in Adobe Illustrator, which is specialist software used by graphic designers and printers. Because not everyone has this software on their computer, we also deliver your logo as a PDF file, this file can be opened on any computer or smartphone without special apps or software. We will create a perfect EPS file for you.

Logo to vector - Step 1
First we place the logo in Adobe Illustrator
Logo to vector - Step 2
Next we trace the logo with the pen tool en geometric forms
Logo to vector - Step 3
Then we add the right fonts and convert them to outlines
Logo to vector - Step 4
The last step is adding the right colour or colour gradient and the vector logo is finished!

Step-by-step plan


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