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What is an EPS file?

Your presser needs an eps file of your logo, but what is an EPS file actually? An EPS file is a document made up of surfaces and/or lines. These surfaces can be enlarged and reduced without them changing. This means that if you have a vector logo, you can, for example, enlarge it 200 times without reducing the quality. This type of file is also called “a vector file”.

With a pixel logo, you’ll see that little blocks appear when enlarging. The logo becomes blurred. This means it isn’t usable for printing on a banner or other large advertising medium.
We convert the logo with the help of Adobe Illustrator. With the pen tool, the logo is exactly traced, and the correct fonts are added and these are converted into contours (vector surfaces).

The logo can be exported to an EPS, PDF, or SVG file. These file types all support vector. EPS and PDF files are usually used for printing. The SVG file is used for websites. Here too, the logo will look sleek on all browsers and screens, so no pixelation.
What is an EPS file

What's the difference between a PDF and EPS file?

EPS files are mainly used for logos and illustrations in vector. The abbreviation stands for Encapsulated Postscript. EPS also supports raster images, but is not usually used for this. A PDF file has a much wider application; it’s used for vector and raster images, but is originally intended for exchanging documents. The abbreviation stands for Portable Document Format. Our experience shows that printers can handle both files.

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How do you work?

We place the JPG file or other pixel logo in Adobe Illustrator and trace the logo with a pen tool or other suitable tool. When this is finished, we look at which font is used for the brand text, if any. You can watch a video of the working method here. On average, it takes us half an hour to vectorise the logo.

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Do you also create SVG files?

SVG files also support vector. They’re used for websites. We can export the file we create in Adobe Illustrator as an SVG file. If you would like to receive this as well, then please indicate this in the comments section.

Can I order multiple logos at the same time as well?

It often happens that several logos have to be ordered at the same time, for example, for the sponsoring on a shirt of a sports association. If you have several logos that need to be converted to vector at the same time, you can order them with this form. If you request them before 4 PM on a working day, you’ll receive a quote within an hour.

With which programme can I open/edit the EPS file?

There are several programmes to open the EPS file. We use Adobe Illustrator to create the file. Unfortunately, this isn’t a free programme. It can be opened with other programmes, as well; Photoshop, Indesign, Coreldraw. But these also need to be purchased. We always send a PDF file with the EPS file. This way, you can see exactly what the EPS file looks like, because it’s the same as the PDF. You can find different free programmes online. Just look for EPS Viewer if you want to open the EPS logo by yourself.

Can the background of my logo be removed?

When vectorising the logo, the white background of the pixel file isn’t included. Naturally, if it concerns a coloured background that is part of the logo, this is possible. You can use the logo on all backgrounds, for example, for printing on a coloured t-shirt.

Can a photo be converted to a vector file?

It’s possible to convert a photo to vector with the help of an automatic trace. We don’t offer this by default, but we can always offer support.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll immediately refund the money. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to us yet. It’s possible that we can’t vectorise the logo, for example, due to the original logo being too small or unclear. But this also hardly ever occurs.

Why are the colours of the vector logo different?

It sometimes happens that the customer supplies an RGB logo, RGB colours are screen colours and have a much wider colour range than CMYK, these are printed colours. In particular, bright/fluorescent colours will appear a bit duller on the screen. We always supply the vector logo as CMYK, because the main purpose of vectorisation is to prepare the files for printing. We can also export the logo as an RGB file if it needs to be used for the website. For example, as an SVG file.

Is it possible to convert a sketch into a sleek EPS file?

It often happens that we get sketches of logos and turn them into a EPS / vector logo. In such cases, it’s important that the colours and fonts are clear. We can also pick these for you, but then there will probably be additional costs. We’ll always contact you in case of any questions.